Unique Ecosystem

& Inspirational Story

Over 60 million USD raised

Developed by an expert (ex-Gemalto)

Payment, Transfer and Exchange

180 FIAT Currencies + Cryptocurrencies

Usable in any ATM + FlashCryptoStation

Real Independent Payment System

Gold-backed = Real Stability

Unique Functions

Multiple payment card

Integrates several debit and credit cards. Compatible with existing structure. Holds wallets and cryptocurrencies.

Money Transfer

Possibility of instant money transfers between peers using their wallet accounts.

Global loyalty Card

Integrates several loyalty program cards which collect points / provide discounts every time OZTCARD is used for payments.

Anti-theft Protection

OZTCARD switches to protection mode when it loses BLE connection with the user's mobile phone.

Phone App



OZT Ecosystem


Pricing Plan

Our Team

Lobreau SergeFormer Banker, Founder & CEO of Flashmoni

Jacek KowalskiEx-Gemalto, Founder and former CEO of Inside Secure (INSD)/CEO of Twinlinx,COYNTEL

Olivier AdjemianHardware / Software Developer

Sean CommercialFirmware development Guru from Inside Secure

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